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Carpet Stretching & Repair

Carpet Repair

carpet-repairOf all the surfaces in a home, the floor nearly always suffers the most abuse. From kids and pets to wet, dirty shoes — not to mention basic day-to-day wear and tear. Flooring needs as much TLC as you can afford to give it! And that goes double for carpet, which is more prone to show signs of wear than most other flooring types.

Bear Carpet understands the need to not only maintain a healthy indoor environment but also to extend the life of your expensive carpet and rug investments.

Why buy new when Bear Carpet can repair it for less?

  • Carpet stretching to correct ripples, bulges, and wrinkles that have occurred from improper installation or general wear-and-tear. A proper carpet stretch will revitalize your carpet’s color and lifespan as well as prevent tripping hazards.
  • Carpet patching to remove and replace irreversible stains, mildew, chemical damage, tears and burns. We can redeem your carpet from ruin by replacing the small damaged section with another piece cut to match.
  • Seam repairs to tie up broken seams that can be hazardous especially with young children around. We will heat bond and re-seam them for a permanent seal.
  • Tack stripping installation to hold your loose carpet in place.
  • Custom molding treatment to properly seal your carpet against hard surface floors such as bathroom floors, kitchen floors, entryways and thresholds.

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